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Nyota Uhura

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Image credit goes to the lovely Samara, aka helmsman_hikaru.

RP journal for Lieutenant Nyota Uhura [Star Trek XI], communications officer for the USS Enterprise. This journal is for RP purposes only. I own nothing.

Mun and muse are over 21. Journals contains adult content.

History: Nyota was born to Alhamaisi and M'Umbha Mhaia Uhura in Nairobi, formerly the capitol of Kenya, in the African Confederacy. Her father Alhamaisi named her Nyota, which means star, and her mother always blamed him for it, saying that from that moment on she was destined to chase her namesake. Alhamaisi is a somewhat controversial politician, due in part to his relation with the African villages who maintain a more traditional way of life. M'Umbha Mhaia was a professor of political science before she was killed in a political disturbance. Nyota is the oldest of 6 children, and has always felt that she needed to look after her younger siblings – probably why she has a bit of a motherly streak. She is still very close to her family, both immediate and extended. Her mother taught her Standard and French as a child, and she knew early on that she loved languages and wanted to learn as many as possible. She also went on political trips with her father a lot. She was initially interested in politics but realized that she would rather be exploring the universe and interacting with as many new cultures as she possibly could.

When she was 10, she learned sign language from her deaf cousin Epala while visiting her in Koyo. That same year she was accepted to and attended the Institute for Advanced Mathematics. Even though she was attending school, she still managed to travel with her family. When she was 14, she was on a political trip with her father when threats of violence resulted in her being locked in a small room for her own protection. Her father wasn't able to return to release her until several weeks later, and she spent those weeks not knowing when or if she'd get out. As a result, she suffers from claustrophobia, though she's able to control it when she's focused on her duty.

Throughout her youth, traditional African customs were an important part of her life. Just after her 16th birthday, she traditionally killed an automated lion with a spear in East Africa. This was also the time she left home to go to college at NYU. However, at 17 her mother was killed and she transferred to a university in Nairobi so that she could support her family. After her death, Alhamaisi retreated into himself, barely speaking or eating, and Nyota cared for her younger siblings until he suddenly snapped out of it.

At 20 she entered Starfleet Academy, where she studied at the Starfleet College of Communications. There she learned spatial navigation, Duotronics, and cryptography skills under Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Finney. She dated Dr. Reed Shilling during her first year, but they separated when he was transferred to a research station on Altair IV.

In the movie, we see her meet Jim Kirk at an Iowa bar. This takes place at the beginning of her second year. She's quite sassy and at first completely uninterested - in part because she just got out of a relationship and because she doesn't think Jim's "the real deal" - but then he surprises her with his knowledge of xenolinguistics. She might have been interested in becoming more involved with him if it weren't for the senseless bar fight, which definitely was a strike against him.

During her third year she became enamored with her professor, Spock, though they did not become involved with him until her fourth and final year at the academy. Because he was an instructor they had to keep their relationship a secret, but she was furious with him for allowing it to influence his decision of where to post her. When he assigned her to the USS Farragut instead of the Enterprise, she demanded to be reassigned. He said he'd done it avoid "displays of favoritism," but she saw their personal and professional relationships as separate and didn't think the former should hinder the later.

During the mission, Admiral Pike asks her to replace the communications officer on duty because she's fluent in all three dialects of Romulan. After the mission she was thrilled to be assigned as the Enterprise's Communications Officer. Despite loving her career, she's still very attached to home. She talks to her family often, and decorates her personal quarters with a zebra-skin bedspread, African sculptures and masks, and wall panels containing African images.

Personality: Nyota's first love was language. Languages are the way she interprets the universe, and learning new ones always makes her extremely excited. Swahili was her first language, closely followed by Standard (English) and French. Swahili is still closest to her heart, but Andorian is her second favorite because of its relation to music, which she also loves. She regrets never learning to play an instrument.

She's extremely focused on her work and tends to put it before almost everything else. Having a lot of siblings made her very competitive, and she always works to be the best at what she does. Furthermore, her accomplished parents inspired her and made her want to do great things. Although she initially expected to follow in her father's footsteps and become a politician, she decided she preferred exploring the universe and learning about new cultures. This decision was prompted both by her cultural interests and a love for the stars. As an officer, she is extremely confident and has an unshakable sense of duty; in one episode Spock trusts her to rewire the entire computer system, because she's the right person for the job. Although she thought she'd have a family some day, giving up life on a starship is difficult to her.

In spite of how focused she is on her work, she cares very deeply for her friends and family. Being the eldest means she occasionally treats everyone as a younger sibling and tries to look after them, though she doesn't want anyone to take care of her. When her coworkers are stuck in lonely parts of the ship, she'll sing for them over the communications system. She's also often seen singing in the recreational rooms, and doing impressions. She's very friendly, but can be slow to truly trust people and open up to them. There's a great deal of defensiveness in XI. She's sharp-tongued when she's angry, and quick to form opinions but willing to give second chances. She takes both work and play very seriously, and wants other people to take her as seriously as she takes herself.