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So much had happened in the past few weeks that participating in an ordinary training mission felt a little surreal. Of course, Nyota had graduated recently enough that being on the instructor's side of the exercise felt new, but she was more than comfortable with the leadership role. Just as if nothing had really changed John would be there at her side, but Nyota knew that everything had changed, because now she had an inkling of what it might feel like to lose him.

She'd leaned on Spock during the crisis, relied on him in ways she shouldn't have, but she and Spock both knew that the emotional stress had warped their friendship into something it wasn't. Even if there had been any real spark between them, in those moments when she thought she might die, those moments when the whole world was at stake, the only person she could think about was John. Images flooded her mind of him holding her, kissing her, stroking her hair, whispering sweet nothings in so many glorious languages. His voice was a constant in her heart, something she couldn't forget even if she wanted to. It seemed almost miraculous that she really got another chance with him.

There was a bit of a spring in her step as she walked onto the bridge of the small survey ship they'd be using for the training exercise. They'd lost so much, but there was still so much to hope for. She got to be with the man she loved, and she had been granted new responsibilities at Starfleet Academy now that she was Lieutenant Uhura. To her delight, none of the students were on board yet. John was alone. "You're here bright and early," she said in greeting, walking closer to steel a kiss.
Nyota Uhura
07 November 2011 @ 09:51 pm
Uhura was furious. Even though she tried not to let herself be this angry, a part of he couldn't let it go. She was used to sexist men - that descriptor fit most men in the Empire - but this had been too much. Cadet Johnson was her junior, and had absolutely no right to speak to her as if she were garbage. Not when she was the best linguist in all of Starfleet.

She stomped back to her quarters, planning to kick Gaila out as soon as she got there and wondering if she shouldn't go in search of Johnson and make an example of him. When the door to her quarters slid open she froze. Something wasn't right. Quickly flicking on the light switch, she took in the scene, eyes widening slightly in surprise and then narrowing in understanding.

Christine Chapel. A woman who was as skilled at saving life as she was at taking it away.

Cadet Peter Johnson. The man who'd dared to speak to her as if she were trash. Bound and gagged.

A slow smile spread across her face, one inquisitive eyebrow arching. "You brought me a present?"
Nyota Uhura
The summer training missions were exciting in and of themselves, and getting to be part of John's group just made things better. Professor Smith, she reminded herself, knowing that as much as she loved spending time with him, the more they were together the more opportunities there were for someone to see something they shouldn't. They tried to act exactly as they had before their relationship started - friendly but professional - yet she had to fight down an almost giddy smile every time she saw him.

Still, her focus right now was on the incredible opportunity to visit Velos II, a planet known for its beautiful natural phenomena. It was new to the Federation, and being included in a visitation party was more than she really could have hoped for. When they got down to the planet, they were met by a tour guide who offered to show them around the gardens before they were ushered into the main hall. She flashed John an excited smile and said quietly, "This place is beautiful."
Nyota Uhura
09 October 2011 @ 10:08 pm
After their last meeting, Nyota had tried her utmost to talk herself out of ever seeing Jim again. Then she'd spent just as much time trying to talk herself into keeping their agreement. She knew that try as she might there was no way of avoiding him forever. She'd given him her word, and even if she tried to vanish again he'd always find her. He wasn't just a man who knew her very well; he was her teacher, and he knew all the tricks she used to mask her trail.

But staying out of sight was crucial. Nero had given her very specific instructions, and if any of her actions appeared contrary to the goal of seeking the music box, people she loved would end up dead.

A few weeks later she had a window of opportunity, and went as stealthily as she could to Christopher Pike's house. Jim wasn't home yet, but Mr. Pike said she could wait in his room. She'd never been inside before, and as she examined his living quarters she couldn't help thinking about the time they'd spent living together. The dream they'd had of being together forever. Trying to put it from her mind, she glanced at the newspaper clippings on his table, picking out one that had a clear connection to the music box.
Nyota Uhura
22 September 2011 @ 11:47 pm
Nyota hadn't been joking about the room spinning, but as long as she didn't stand up there seemed to be no danger of her tumbling over. Scotty's drunken ballads were even louder than the music - and weren't even in the same genre as the pop rock that was playing - but that hardly seemed relevant to anyone. Any minute now Sulu should be showing up, and in the meantime, she ordered another drink.
Nyota Uhura
21 September 2011 @ 10:06 pm
[pouring over books at the library]
Nyota Uhura
08 September 2011 @ 10:50 pm
Will you please just calm down?!
Nyota Uhura
16 August 2011 @ 12:17 am
*wandering island beach, glancing around curiously*
Nyota Uhura
They'd been studying the phenomenon with long-range scanners for the past several days, but while the Enterprise was too large to move through the outer radiation spirals, a shuttlecraft should be able to slip inside and take data readings at close range. Unfortunately, the radiation given off by the phenomenon would interfere with navigation, so Nyota was going to help John navigate remotely. She was happy to do her duty, and it wasn't often that they got to work so closely together, so she was looking forward to it. It always made her slightly nervous when he left the ship, but they didn't anticipate any problems. The radiation was trouble for instruments, but not a problem for humans. Besides, she'd be on the com with him the entire time.

As the shuttlecraft pulled away from the Enterprise she hailed him. "Uhura to shuttlecraft. John, can you hear me?"
Nyota Uhura
08 July 2011 @ 02:45 am
Nyota was trying, unsuccessfully, to understand how she'd gotten to this point. It hadn't been the most pleasant of days, mostly because she'd already thrown up several times, but nothing had gone horrible wrong. She'd been glad to get off shift and return to her quarters to rest and go to the bathroom for the seventeenth time that afternoon. She'd even been planning to read that bawdy Ancient Andorian ballad Yaxaria sent her. Then she'd walked in the door, seen the picture of her sisters on the mantle....

...And instantly burst into tears. Now she was sitting on the couch bawling her eyes out for no apparent reason and wondering why there were no pickles in her room. She grabbed her PADD, sent John a message asking him to bring some, and curled up on the couch, staring at the picture and wishing Sadiki and Chiedza were there with her.